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To report a lost or stolen debit card - 800.472.3272

For assistance with fraud activity on your debit card - 844.544.3265


First Federal Savings Bank is pleased to offer to our customers the newest and most secure form of debit payment available: EMV Chip-Enabled Debit Mastercard! 


Introducing CardValet .
Your card, on your terms.

CardValet allows you to turn your credit or debit card "on" or "off" anytime. 

When they’re “off”…no one can use your cards. 

Turn them “on” when you’re ready to use them:

  • Helps safeguard your cards from fraud
  • Lets you define areas where your card can be used
  • Limit purchase by the type of merchant
  • Set limits on the dollar amount

Instantly change your settings, giving you complete control over your credit or debit card.

Download the CardValet app today!


Download - CardValet Brochure

Chip Cards

The addition of the chip to the card makes it more difficult to copy or counterfeit. If the card data and one-time transaction code are compromised, no personal or account data can be captured to create counterfeit cards or commit fraud when processed at an EMV terminal as an EMV transaction.

You can use your new chip card at both EMV-enabled and non-EMV enabled terminals world-wide, and can either swipe or “dip” your card. If you swipe your card at an EMV terminal, it will automatically prompt you to insert the card into the reader. You will process your transaction as usual, knowing that you are now protected with extra security!

It's as easy at 1-2-3 to use your new EMV card!

EMV Card Frequently Asked Questions

Using Chip Cards - How To

Introducing UChoose Rewards.
Earn points with every purchase and choose your reward.

You already love how convenient your debit card is, but how much more would you love yours if it was rewarding, too?
Now, you'll get more with every purchase. Every time you use your card, you earn points that reward you with exactly what you want.

Just make the same purchases you normally do:

  • Groceries
  • Gas
  • Pay Bills
  • Every purchase made with your card is earning points toward the rewards you choose

Our easy-to-use rewards website lets you keep track of your points, and shows you how to redeem them for fabulous rewards! From online shopping to once-in-a-lifetime trips... big screen TVs to big sporting events and concerts. From your favorite national stores to the local merchants you love.

Whatever you CHOOSE!  Just enroll now and use your debit card the way you normally would... then watch the points pile up. It's time to find out just how rewarding using your debit card can really be!


Download - UChoose Rewards Brochure