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First Federal is proud to support local charitable organizations. We have been a part of Champaign County since 1908 and believe in helping make our community a better place to work, live and play.

If you have a funding request, please submit your request via e-mail to Ata Durukan, Senior Vice President of Marketing.


Free Charters of Freedom

What are the Charters of Freedom?

The Declaration of Independence, Constitution and the Bill of Rights all constitute the Charters of Freedom. These three documents are considered instrumental to the founding and philosophy of of the United States of America. We believe that it is vital for every person to understand the importance of these documents and to learn from them.

That is why we have printed each of these documents as well as Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg address in full-size, parchment-style paper, suitable for framing. These beautifully re-created documents are available free of charge to anyone at either of our offices in Champaign and Urbana.