Tony T Savings Club for Kids 
Tony T helps children start good saving habits. 

  • Plant the "Saving" Seed Early.
    Help your child or grandchild start good saving habits now with a little help from Tony T. Thrift is a gift that, once acquired, can serve an individual for a lifetime.  In more cases than not, it will make the difference between a financially successful person and one who merely gets by.  Because thrift is best learned early in life, we are confident that the Tony T Savings Club can be the way to help your youngsters learn the value of saving – and have a lot of fun at the same time! 

  • Children between the ages of three and ten can join the Tony T Savings Club and earn awards for reaching their savings levels.

  • Prize goals:
    $Level  Prize 
    25        Bank 
    50        Kazoo 
    100      Pencil Box 
    150      Yo Yo 
    200      Frisbee 
    250      Flashlight 
    500      Radio 
    750      Digital Camera 
    1,000   Watch 
    Special birthday presents and exclusive events for members. 
    Only $10 is required to open a Tony T Savings account. 

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