First Federal Savings Bank is one of the premiere commercial lenders in downstate Illinois.  Our experienced commercial lending team of Paul Wilson and Jason Eyman will work with you when you are ready to expand facilities, increase inventories, purchase equipment or secure additional capital.  We invite you to visit with one of our dedicated lending professionals and find out for yourself why First Federal Savings Bank of Champaign-Urbana is The One Place to Go! 

Why should you choose First Federal? 
Our lending team will give you the personal attention you deserve.  You can be confident knowing your questions will be answered promptly by people with expertise in business lending. 
All of our lending products can be customized to suit your borrowing needs. 
We make our decisions locally.  You’ll notice the difference right away from the moment you first speak to our friendly, knowledgeable staff.   
First Federal participates in many specialized loan programs, including the USDA Business and Industry Program. Your commercial banker will help you take advantage of financing opportunities you may not have considered. 

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